Calm office, happy office.

Encardia Wellness is a health-technology company that specializes in enterprise workforce stress management.

Physician-Led Program

Guided Videos

In-Depth Interviews

On Demand Advice

Real Time Analytics

Resilience at your finger tips

Our app-based corporate stress reduction program provides a platform of proprietary tools and strategies to give employees options to help manage stress and increase performance in today’s corporate environment. Along with real-time reporting and analytics, we provide employers with the insights they need to help their business thrive.
• Themed video sessions incorporating breathing techniques, guided visualization, and sensory integration
• Motivational content to guide you through real-life scenarios
• Interviews with leading healthcare professionals and members of the community
• Expert led on-demand advice
• Diagnostic tools to measure your pulse and track your progress

Real time reporting

With our wide range of reporting features, Encardia Wellness is able to actively measure biometric, usage, vitals and engagement data.

The benefits

• Decreased employee burnout and improved retention
• Increased focus, engagement and efficiency
• Reduced workforce absenteeism
• Stronger company culture
• Fewer workplace errors

Stress is impacting your

• Stress-related productivity-loss costs American businesses $300 billion annually
• 40% of workers reported their job was very or extremely stressful
• One million people call in sick each year due to stress-related illness
• 95% of HR leaders said employee burnout is sabotaging workforce retention
• Job stress is more strongly associated with health complaints than financial or family problems