Physician led

Founded and developed by physicians, Encardia Wellness has a long history of working with the human resources departments at many Fortune 500 companies to reduce workplace stress.

Amazing things can come from a calm mind.

Studies have shown stress reduction improves resilience, inspires creativity, boosts engagement, and heightens productivity.

Themed video sessions incorporating breathing techniques, guided visualization and sensory integration

Motivational content to guide you through real-life scenarios

Interviews with leading healthcare professionals and members of the community

on-demand advice


With our wide range of reporting features, Encardia Wellness is able to actively measure biometrics and user engagement data in real-time.

The benefits

Not only good for morale, but good for your bottom line.
  • Decreased employee burnout & improved retention
  • Increased focus, engagement & efficiency
  • Reduced workforce absenteeism
  • Stronger company culture
  • Fewer workplace errors